EISAP’s objective is to represent the interests of Portuguese and international shipowners 

with ships registered in MAR.  


Its aim is to contribute to the promotion, development and harmonization of MAR in close collaboration with the International Business Centre of Madeira, with the Madeira Regional Government and with other relevant stakeholders.


It further aims to contribute to strengthening Portugal’s maritime sector by supporting the creation of jobs for young Portuguese and European students in the maritime industry, onboard ship

and ashore.  


EISAP is also seeking to foster the creation of a significant maritime cluster in Portugal,

to work with professionals and experts from all sectors of the shipping industry, and to encourage the establishment of business relations and coordination of research both nationally

and internationally on legal and other issues, allowing members to have access to relevant information on the maritime industry.  


As an instrument of representation and research and knowledge, EISAP also aims to coordinate

its activity with international associations with similar objectives and to assure representation

in national and international organizations.    



We invite you to be represented and to join the EISAP project. To become a member, please sign the membership agreement form and send it to eisap@portugal-shipowners.com.

Membership Agreement - Individual Members
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Membership Agreement - Corporate Members
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